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Your first visit to Rubin Chiropractic

One of our Chiropractic Assistants will greet you as soon as you walk in.  You will be asked to complete some initial paper work.  As we proceed, your first consultation is with a Chiropractic Assistant. Then you will have a consultation with Dr. Rubin, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns. Based on your personal history and consultation, Dr. Rubin may recommend a Chiropractic examination. There is NO CHARGE for this visit up to this point.

Active lifestyle

We believe in knowing, not guessing. You will receive a thorough spinal examination  (including X-rays, if necessary) to assess your spinal balance, nerve function, posture, vertebral motion and position, and signs of bone or disc dysfunction and degenerative changes. You will always be advised of charges before proceeding.

A Chiropractic exam

"I didn't think my back would ever move that well again! Thanks Dr. Rubin!"

— Chris F.

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Active lifestyle

Once we've learned more about you, your health, and your spine, you'll meet with us to discuss those findings and plan a course of care. Your personalized wellness-centered plan may include spinal adjustments, exercise instruction, clinical traction, laser treatment, massage therapy, vibracussor, or nutritional consultation, tailored to your specific needs.


Athletes looking to improve their performance, seniors with arthritis, children, men, women.....


All humans are welcome at Rubin Chiropractic.

Charting the course of care