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What is wellness? And by the way, what is health?

Wellness is care directed toward improving health. Health is defined as wholeness, a condition where all the parts of the body are functioning at 100%. So, health is actually a measure of life. 100% is completely alive. 0% is completely dead.  Anything in between is relatively healthy or relatively unhealthy. Wellness care is the attempt to move you closer to 100%.

When you are not feeling so good, the first thing you want is to feel better! The strange thing is that feeling better is not the same as being healthier. In fact, some approaches to pain are toxic and can compromise your long term health.  


At Rubin Chiropractic, our approach is all about getting you healthier. Will you feel better too? We are pretty sure you will. Check out some testimonials.

Feeling better?

We know that to be healthy, a well adjusted spine is only the beginning.  Proper sleep, nutrition, exercise, attitude, supplements, even footwear, all need attention as well.  Personal consultation, advice and coaching are provided at your request.


We are continually researching the best products to support your health.  Many of these products are available for purchase.

Covering the bases!

"I feel good inside and I feel good outside. I am so thankful my daughter told me about Dr. Rubin!"

— Jody N.

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