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As you consider your journey into wellness-centered chiropractic, please take a few minutes to read these testimonials. They've been generously provided by clients who have benefited from our natural practice, and we'll love if you will join them. Please call us at 269-343-3575 for a FREE initial consultation.

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"When I am on the table, it seems to me that Dr. Rubin and my spine are talking with each other. Dr. Rubin is truly the 'Spine Whisperer.'"

— Mari K.


"My back is doing so much better! I wish I had tried Dr. Rubin sooner!"

— Rosemary T.

Enjoy high praise for chiropractic treatment

"My shoulder hurt so bad, I could hardly use the blinker in my car. Within an hour of my adjustment with laser application, I could use my arm again! It was like someone flipped a switch!"

— Jack A.


"The lower back pain and tingling in my left arm was constant. Dr. Rubin was able to eliminate the tingling sensation in my arm and significantly reduce the back pain!"

— Donita K.


"I tried everything! Only Dr. Rubin was able to help my leg pain! Now I'm able to dance and play golf again!"

— Shirley G.


"I am so thankful my mother-in-law told me about Dr. Rubin. My lower back is doing better and with no drugs!"

— Jeremy M.


"I tried everything! Only Dr. Rubin was able help my leg and my back!"

— Teresa K.


"I'm feeling so much better and I'm able to move around more with much less pain!"

— Charlene N.


"In a world where 'health care' is more often than not a 'cookie cutter' approach for a 'band aid' solution, Dr. Rubin is a welcome relief with his focus on the individual and their whole health and his path to do no harm. His compassion, expertise, knowledge and continual education in medicine, alternative therapies, and nutrition make him a valuable asset for me and my family's health (including my son whose first adjustment was at 8 days old). Dr. Rubin has treated my back pain and so much more. His method of focusing on your ultimate health, and not only alleviating symptoms, brings an entirely new meaning to 'healthcare'. I am forever grateful to him and to his tremendous and caring staff. Thank you for everything Dr. Rubin! Google does not offer enough stars to truly dictate your value."

— Gretchen B.


"My headaches are gone and my neck keeps getting better with every visit!"

— Dora G.

Through wellness, people can live life to its fullest

"I lived with back pain for about 4 years. I tried everything! Only Dr. Rubin was able to help!"

— Jan C.

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