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Kalamazoo's Chiropractor for over 40 years

Visit Rubin Chiropractic and receive the same wellness-centered chiropractic that your Kalamazoo neighbors have enjoyed for over 40 years. You'll find a cheerful team of chiropractic professionals dedicated to providing you with personalized care and improved health.

Chiropractor Active lifestyle

While Dr. Rubin traveled the country taking his state and national board exams in October 1972, he and his wife Kim made the fateful decision to stay overnight in Kalamazoo. The next morning was sunny and the people were friendly. A realtor showed him the perfect location to live and practice, while a banker arranged the financing. A contractor offered to remodel. Dr. Rubin realized that he had found the best city in America!

Drawn to Kalamazoo by fate

Within 2 weeks time, Dr. Rubin started building, remodeling, financing, and his first patients were the realtor, the banker, the contractor, and their families! In the decades since Rubin Chiropractic has developed, more partnerships have grown based on friendship and trust. Through personal service and dedication to improve health, Rubin Chiropractic creates a healing environment where everyone has the opportunity to express wholeness with mind, body, and spirit at their very best.

Committed to friendship, trust, and healing

"I am so thankful that my friend referred me to Dr. Rubin. My back is so much better!"

— Beverly G.

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